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Sunday, June 22, 2008


Here's my part for the "Blog Me" page #2. It's hosted by Wetfish Designs at Divine Digital. Each person who signs up for this gets to place an element of their choice onto the page from the kit that Cyndi has so generously given us, then after all of us are done, it goes back to Cyndi of Wetfish Designs, who makes it into a quick page, then posts it, for all those who took part to download. It's a very unique "challenge", and we all post it on our blogs so you can see the progress of the page.

Here's the list of participants' blogs, so you can check out the progress.

1. tessthescrapper blog: http://www.tessthescrapperblogspot.com/

2. teddy7 Blog: http://suzee-q-stuff.blogspot.com/

3. ciocichar Blog: http://memorylanecreationsbycharlene.blogspot.com/ (you're HERE)

4. okekeca Blog: http://fwts.blogspot.com/

5. pewtertm Blog: http://simplyscraps.blogspot.com/

6. claysmom Blog: http://claysmommy.blogspot.com/

7. angmag55 Blog: http://angmag55.blogspot.com/

8. relocateddixiegirl Blog: http://relocateddixiegir.blogspot.com/

9. kiden Blog://www.kiden.blogspot.com

Check out the progress! And, if it looks like something you'd be interested in doing, go on over to Divine Digital and sign up for the next one. It's great to get pages that have different styles other than your own. It's really great to see the page build!


:: Special Thanks ::

My beautiful blinkie displayed in the right hand margin was created by the very talented Stef of Stef's Scrapkits!! Thank you so very much Stef!!!

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