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Monday, June 30, 2008


DigiMom Designs is offering a QP freebie for her new kit "Urban Canyon" which can be found at Divine Digital and at Stone Accents Studio. This is a really versatile kit, and you can view some layouts using this kit by going to her designer gallery. This kit is being offered as individual parts, or, you can save a lot of $$ by getting the collection instead. Believe me, the price is so reasonable for the combo, it would be the best value, especially since it's on sale for 30% off right now!

Here is the preview of Urban Canyon Collection and the Kit:

And here is the link to go pick up the freebie QP from digiMom Designs blog. Go take advantage of this, she's in a very generous state of mind lol!! Have a great week!



One of the very talented CT members for digiMom Designs has created a desktop calendar FREEBIE for July for you. Here's the preview:

and click here to get it.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

digiMom Designs Last Freebie of the Birthday Bash

Okay - here's a preview of the last Birthday Bash freebie from digiMom Designs and CT member JanieG. If you haven't seen Janie's galleries yet, you should go take a look. Janie's layouts are works of art, and when you have such a great kit as Ana Capri to work with, the page really becomes art!
This is the last freebie giveaway for digiMom's Birthday Bash, so if you haven't taken advantage of this, you should really take a look at digiMom's blog, because I think all the links to the previous giveaways are still active - 2 bragbook albums, a sampler addon, 2 other pages from digiMom and JanieG, and these 2 new pages (hope I didn't forget anything!).
Go check them out, and the previews are in my archived posts, which are below if you want to see what they look like. After this, they go into the store for sale. So be quick!
The link to digiMom Designs Blog is: http://digimomdesigns.com/category/freebies/. Enjoy!



Here's my part for the "Blog Me" page #2. It's hosted by Wetfish Designs at Divine Digital. Each person who signs up for this gets to place an element of their choice onto the page from the kit that Cyndi has so generously given us, then after all of us are done, it goes back to Cyndi of Wetfish Designs, who makes it into a quick page, then posts it, for all those who took part to download. It's a very unique "challenge", and we all post it on our blogs so you can see the progress of the page.

Here's the list of participants' blogs, so you can check out the progress.

1. tessthescrapper blog: http://www.tessthescrapperblogspot.com/

2. teddy7 Blog: http://suzee-q-stuff.blogspot.com/

3. ciocichar Blog: http://memorylanecreationsbycharlene.blogspot.com/ (you're HERE)

4. okekeca Blog: http://fwts.blogspot.com/

5. pewtertm Blog: http://simplyscraps.blogspot.com/

6. claysmom Blog: http://claysmommy.blogspot.com/

7. angmag55 Blog: http://angmag55.blogspot.com/

8. relocateddixiegirl Blog: http://relocateddixiegir.blogspot.com/

9. kiden Blog://www.kiden.blogspot.com

Check out the progress! And, if it looks like something you'd be interested in doing, go on over to Divine Digital and sign up for the next one. It's great to get pages that have different styles other than your own. It's really great to see the page build!



Well, it took me long enough to be able to post this! Here is the preview for Saturday's freebie from digiMom Designs. To get it, just go to digiMom Designs Blog. Here's the link: http://digimomdesigns.com/. Once you're there, digiMom will tell you how to get this wonderful freebie as a part of her Birthday Bash. Do it quick, because the link won't be available too long! And while you're there, if you haven't downloaded the 2 bragbooks, check them out as well. You can see previews here, in my older posts this week. Have fun!


Friday, June 20, 2008


Hey people! Here's your chance to get 2 free bragbook albums and 2 free quickpages! See my last blog below for previews on the 2 bragbook albums, and here are the previews on the 2 quickpages:

digiMom is giving these away for her birthday! Don't miss out! The link will only be active for a short time; I just checked, and the links are still active. Here's the link to digiMom's blog to get these terrific freebies: http://digimomdesigns.com/category/freebies/. And, don't forget to wish her a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"!

digiMom also has 2 new kits up for sale, and guess what? As part of digiMom's birthday bash celebration, all her kits are 35% off this week, and if you check the descriptions of some of the bragbooks, the bragbooks are free when you purchase the kit! How great is that? Here are previews of the 2 new kits:

These kits can be purchased at digiMom Designs' stores at both Stone Accents Studio and Divine Digitals. Check them out! These are great deals! Have a great weekend!


Thursday, June 19, 2008


As a part of her "BIRTHDAY BASH", digiMom is giving away an entire bragbook album created from her Fiesta Kit by....me! Here's the link to digiMom's blog to snag the freebie and it's just for today, so be quick! After today, it goes up for sale in the store. Have fun!

Hey, I just checked, and the download for the SummerTime Bragbook Freebie is still active, so don't forget to check that out on digiMom's blog as well! How great is that? 2 FREE BRAGBOOK ALBUMS from digiMom Designs, both created by... ME! Don't forget to wish digiMom a very "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" while you're there picking up the gifts she's giving to you!
And if you like these bragbooks, don't forget that they were created with the Fiesta Kit and Summer Time Kit, both on sale at Stone Accents Studio! Check out digiMom's stores both at SAS and Divine Digital!

digiMom Designs Blog Link: http://digimomdesigns.com/
Have a great day!


Saturday, June 14, 2008


I want to say thanks to everyone who kept my little grandbaby in their thoughts and prayers, and to let you know that he is finally home, recuperating from his surgery. His infection appears to be gone, and he is doing much better. And for those of you who are interested, you can see my layouts of him in most of my galleries in SAS, Divine Digital, and Gotta Pixel under the name of "ciocichar".

Now, for the freebie, here is Kit 2 of the SAS June Color Challenge. It contains lacy butterflies, lacy journal mattes, and a few extra papers. Of course, it coordinates with Kit 1, and the links for Kit 1 are below. Here's the preview:

And here are the links:


When you're downloading, please don't forget to say hello, leave a comment, leave some "luv", or whatever you'd like to say. We all appreciate hearing from you and appreciate your taking time to leave your thoughts with us.

Thanks so much for looking and for your encouraging comments! Enjoy! And to all those Dads out there, Happy Father's Day!


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Prayers Needed

I rarely ask this of anyone, but while you're waiting for your downloads to finish, could you all offer up a few prayers for my grandbaby who is in the hospital with complications from his recent surgery. He's only 8 months old and many of my layouts are of him. You'll find him in almost all of my galleries. Thanks so much.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I just completed my kit for the Stone Accents Studio Color Challenge for June. And, of course, I'm ready to share Part 1 with you. Here's the preview:

As you can see, it's bright and springy! Enjoy and if you download, don't forget to leave some luv! Like always, I do enjoy hearing from you all. And don't forget to check back for additional papers and elements. There's always room for more!


Thanks for visiting!


Monday, June 9, 2008


The first round of "Blog Me" is finished. Cyndi is fine tuning the QP, and will have it up on her blog soon. You can also grab this QP in the Divine Digital forum. This is a quote from Cyndi:

New round of "Blog Me" starts tomorrow with another quickpage being made with "Ellie and Lucy." The first quickpage will be posted on my blog later today and you will be able to download it at Divine Digital in the designer sampler/freebies section of the boutique. So come on, BLOG ME!!!!!

It's great fun! Sign ups are now if your interested at this link: http://www.divinedigital.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6799


Thursday, June 5, 2008


Here are the links to all the blogs of the people who contributed to the "Blog Me" Challenge page. This way you can follow the page's progression.

Blog Me List---Check out the blogs of the "Blog Me" Participants! http://www.wetfishscraps.blogspot.com/

I am hosting for lsmith5160: http://www.wetfishscraps.blogspot.com/

http://memorylanecreationsbycharlene.blogspot.com/ (you are here)



I'm taking part in a challenge over at Divine Digital created and hosted by Cyndi of Wetfish Designs. It's something new, and you wouldn't think it would be so challenging, but it is a challenge picking just one element to place on a page when so many elements are offered lol! The kit being used for this challenge is "Ellie and Lucy" designed by Wetfish Designs. Here's an excerpt from Cyndi's Blog:

"I'm really excited to be hosting a monthly, ongoing challenge for Divine Digital called "Blog Me." Here is the skinny on this fun challenge--we're making interactive quickpages together and using our blogs to show the quickpages being made from start to finish! Kind of like a circle journal, but this is a "circle quickpage." How fun is that?

Well we have ten scrappers, including me, and I start the ball rolling by posting Phase 1 of the first quickpage we are making with my kit "Ellie and Lucy." This is a kit I designed for Kirsty Wiseman's daughter, Ellie, and her pet turtle, Lucy. You can read about Ellie here: http://www.kirstywiseman.com/ellie.html

50% of all the proceeds from this kit will be donated to Ellie's trust fund to help Ellie with her battles in the world of medicine. Ellie actually picked the colors, pink for her and green for her turtle, Lucy. I hope you like it and purchase it since it is for such a good cause. This kit is packed with great stuff. There are 23 papers, each unique and rich in texture and color. Then there are 32 elements, also unique and colorful. And at the heart of it all is Ellie a little girl fighting hard to be a normal teenage girl in Manchester, England and her little turtle, Lucy. You can purchase the full kit, "Ellie and Lucy," here:
http://divinedigital.com/boutique/product.php?productid=4566&cat=0&page=2 ".

Doesn't that sound great? If you want to take part in this challenge, go to http://www.divinedigital.com/
and go to the forum to check out the "Blog Me" challenge hosted by Cyndi of Wetfish Designs, and sign up.

Here's the page after I added my part:

How cool is this kit? So bright and festive! Please go and check it out at Divine Digital, and check out the challenge. The more, the merrier!

Check out Cyndi's blog as well: http://www.wetfishscraps.blogspot.com/

Cyndi offers the occasional freebie (more often than occasional), and this month Cyndi is a part of the Divine Digital Download A Day collaboration kit. Each day that Cyndi's part of the DAD is offered, she offers a freebie as well on her blog. It's well worth your time to check out Cyndi's blog.

And don't forget to check out digiMom Designs Blog: http://digimomdesigns.com/category/freebies/ for more freebies! Don't forget, I'm a member of digiMom's Creative Team now, and digiMom's products are super! They can also be found at Divine Digital, as well as Stone Accents Studio.

While at SAS, don't forget to sign up for the newsletter, which offers numerous freebies to its members as well. And take a look at digiMom's challenge here: http://www.stoneaccentsstudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2358 . This challenge is the "GALLERY SPOTLIGHT CHALLENGE". digiMom spotlights someone's gallery at SAS (it could be yours!), and you choose one layout from this gallery as your inspiration to scrap your layout! How simple is that? And then, after posting your layout to the Gallery Spotlight Challenge, and your link to the Gallery Spotlight Challenge forum, digiMom sends you a link to her POSTING BONUS! Really, it's that easy and fun!

Try some of the challenges at SAS, and you'll find that quite a few of the posting bonuses coordinate together to make up a MEGAKIT of bonuses! How cool is that?!!

Thanks for coming here, and have a great weekend! Don't forget to check back for freebies!


:: Special Thanks ::

My beautiful blinkie displayed in the right hand margin was created by the very talented Stef of Stef's Scrapkits!! Thank you so very much Stef!!!

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